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The LPEpower team is most proud to present you this new inline 3 power plant, we consider it to be an epitome of efficiency. 
Compared to its predecesor it is more powerful, smaller and lighter.
SYS I3 has two completely new features:

  • The new crankshaft concept in combination with the Scotch Yoke principle of operation. The first and last crank pieces are constructed from 36 toothed bevel gears and are interconnected with a very rigid longitudinal shaft that prevents the crankshaft from twisting, which in terms greatly improves the torque output.
  • The new camless valvetrain. Sliding yokes directly move the valve rockers - there are no shafts, cams or pushrods in the new camless valvetrain, therefore a huge amount of torsional friction has been eliminated - the new SYS I3 has ONLY eight moving parts! (For comparison: a standard conrod inline 3 with pushrod valvetrain would have arround 17 moving parts)

The maximum speed on 4 bars (60 psi) of pressure is an amazing 1500 rpms, but this engine is not about its max speed, it is all about the torque that comes from such a small package!

The product ships fully assembled and without instructions!

Block:Inline engine
Number of cylinders:3
Main Bearings:4
Bore:2 studs (big cylinders)
Stroke:2 studs
Crank throw:1 stud
Valves:1 valve per cylinder
Valvetrain:Scotch yoke camless
Lubrication:Silicone based lubricant
Max speed:approximately 1900 rpms @ 7 bars (100 psi) of input pressure
Recommended operating pressure:< 8 bars (116 psi)
Maximum pressure:10 bars (145 psi)
Minimum pressure:0,6 bars (10 psi)
Length:13 studs
Width:8 studs
Height:12 studs
Weight:240 gramms

SYS inline 3 engine

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