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Join me every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 20:15 CET on the LPEpower youtube chanel for a building stream.
I started a new video series called LPEpower insights, where i show how i modify cylinders, switches, bend tubing and give usefull tips on how to do things. Watch the full playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs6f6IKm5KJFwoBQXSeGBpOfy6h_T4-Sq
The first version of the e30 rolling chasiss is ready. It still needs huge amounts of work as it is. The steering geometry isn't very good, and the structure needs to be cleaned up and made stronger. Then we can attack the roof, which of course will be a structural part of the car.
Yes, after a long while i re-started work on the bmw e30. I decided to make it fully studless. The first results are encouraging. The only modified parts are the shock absorbers, which are pneumatic cylinders with drilled inlets and a lego spring inserted and the LPEpower wheelhubs. The rest are normal unmodified lego parts. This version is much simpler and much lighter than the previous one, thanks to the use of lightweight new lego panels and...
Preparing another engine shipment to go out on wednesday. This time it's 1 x V8 and 3 x V4. If you're waiting for your engine, it is going on its way soon.
These hollidays have been absolute madness here at LPEpower. More orders than i could fulfill in a reasonable amount of time. The wait is over however. All orders made in december and weren't shipped yet, are shipping this week. Hold tight.
We were featured in the October 2013 issue of Road and Track magazine :)
The shop is now completly rebuilt and now you can order modified switches, cylinders and wheel hubs from the store. There is now also building instructions and in the future, more products will follow.  
The build show started off really well, but then i got busy and i had to first finish the real life lego puzzle that is my 1989 bmw e30 325i touring. If you want to see all the pictures of the restoration, feel free to click HERE for the entire dropbox picture gallery (warning, 882 pics, might kill your productivity). The car needed to be finished in time for the 2014 Finalgear roadtrip/ringmeet that culminated with 4 days of camping in the...
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